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We’re proud to be the largest education consultancy in the Middle East and North Africa. Headquartered in London, with 19 offices in six countries, we are strategically located to serve students and their families.

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The University of Loughborough is a fantastic university in the UK and is consistently ranking high in the university league tables. The university maintains long term relationships with major companies which help to mold the courses. Vital workplace skills are taught in every course with the high employability of Loughborough graduates showing its effectiveness. The University of Loughborough has a diverse international community with around 18,000 students from over 130 different countries/regions. With over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate courses available to choose from, the university is known to combine theoretical and practical elements and is particularly renowned for its science and engineering courses. With its well-developed courses and its diverse community, it is no wonder why we chose it to be the university of the week.

Loughborough University

Course of the Week

Computer Science

We live in an era increasingly defined by technological innovation. computer science emerges as a fundamental discipline guiding the way we interact, work, and understand the world. Through this course, students delve into the intricate mechanisms behind software development, algorithms, and data structures, gaining a deep understanding of computational processes. From programming languages to artificial intelligence, computer science offers a diverse landscape of exploration, fostering problem-solving skills and creativity. As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, embracing the principles of computer science equips individuals with the tools to shape the future, making it an indispensable field of study worthy of recognition.

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