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We’re proud to be the largest education consultancy in the Middle East and North Africa. Headquartered in London, with 19 offices in six countries, we are strategically located to serve students and their families.

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With its main campus located in the north-east England, The University of Sunderland is home to almost 25,600 students spread between the campuses in Sunderland, London and in Hong Kong. With these three campuses, international students make up 39.5%. The university is renowned in subject areas such as natural science and education with it having the one of the best teacher training programmes in the UK. The university has strong links to industry and businesses and have been commended for the high standards of teaching, research and support. The courses are all optimised and designed to help students improve their employability by teaching vital workplace skills. With its high-quality teaching and lecture quality and its great diversity in student cultures, it is the reason why the University of Sunderland is our university of the week.

Course of the Week

Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Students who choose pharmacy will learn to become pharmacists by understanding and investigating the effects of chemicals and also learn to create remedies through the understanding of these chemical effects. Students of pharmacology will also gain extensive knowledge and skills in medicine.

Other skills and knowledge learnt by students of pharmacology will come from various modules such as dispensing medicine, molecules & cells, microbiology, pharmaceutical chemistry and many more. With these skillsets prepared the students are open to a wide range of science-based careers that range from pathology to medical engineering. This is why Pharmacy & Pharmacology is this week’s course of the week.

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