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We’re proud to be the largest education consultancy in the Middle East and North Africa. Headquartered in London, with 19 offices in six countries, we are strategically located to serve students and their families.

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The University of Nottingham is located in the heart of England, where 32,000 students 23% of those being international student, calling it home. It has great transport links to other great cities which is perfect for students to explore the country. The university is consistently ranking in the top universities in the UK with more than 97% of the research produced at the university being internationally recognised. Taught by the high-level experts in their field, many of them contributing to changes in welfare, economics, the environment and policy changes in health. With around 600 courses to offer at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Students are taught by leading academics that inform the students with the latest research. For these reasons the University of Nottingham is the university of the week.

University of Westminster

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Medicine is a long but rewarding journey for students to embark on. It is a journey in which science is combined with empathy. Students will explore the mysteries of the human body, learn about diseases and ailments that can affect the body and explore the latest medical technology available. The course will combine both textbook learning of theories as well as practical lab sessions to see the theories in person. A medicine degree opens a multitude of paths that you can specialise in such as surgery, podiatry, paediatrics, the list goes on. Medicine is not only limited to hospitals careers, but medical graduates can also pursue opportunities for research, teaching and other aspects which can make a big impact on healthcare in other ways. If you are interested in taking the journey through medicine, you will face new challenges daily and opportunities to help make a difference to other people’s lives.

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