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Applying to study abroad can be complex and time-consuming, but we’re here to support you every step of the way. Your application journey will be different, depending on whether you’re a Kuwait citizen or resident. Select the drop-down which applies to you, and discover the entire process. If you’re ready to apply click here or enter your details below.

As a Kuwaiti national living in Kuwait there are two types of applications, sponsored and self-funded applications. These applications have several steps that need to be completed to ensure a successful enrolment. 

Some important pieces of information to know is that Kuwaiti Nationals are unable to attend International Year 1 Courses. Also in some instances Kuwaiti students cannot apply for courses that enrol in November.

Sponsored Applicants

  • Sponsored applicants will need to apply for the scholarship in June. During this process they will provide the country and major they wish to study
  • Upon being selected for the scholarship a sponsored applicant will need to provide an unconditional offer letter to the Kuwait Cultural Office (KCO) for approval.
  • Additionally the major and university will need to be approved and follow the KCO guidelines.
  • Upon successful submission of the unconditional offer and additional documents i.e. International English Language Testing System
    , United Kingdoms Visas and Immigration (UK VI) and equivalency the student will receive their offer of approval.
  • Once the approval has been received the student will need to meet with the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) in Kuwait to finalise the necessary paperwork and will then receive their FGL by KCO.
  • Now that the student has their FGL and approval from the KCO they can then begin their application for a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and Verified International Stay Approval (VISA).

Self-Funded Applications Process

  • As a self-funded student the process of application to study abroad is slightly simpler than a sponsored student. A self-funded Kuwaiti Student does not need a FGL from the MOHE.
  • However, as a self-funded student when applying for a university in the UK the student will still need to be offered an unconditional from a KCO approved major and university.
  • The student with their unconditional offer will then need to submit an application for the KCO approval.
  • Once that is completed and approved by the KCO the student will be able to begin to apply for their CAS and VISA.

For students that are living in Kuwait but are not Kuwaiti, the process for applying for a university abroad is very simple. Non Kuwaiti students have the full flexibility when deciding which course they would like to apply for and also can choose any university that they prefer. 

After applying for their chosen university and course they will simply need to apply for a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and Verified International Stay Approval (VISA) to be able to study abroad. 

No part of the application process will need approval from the Kuwait Cultural Office (KCO) and the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).

However, for non Kuwaiti students it is highly advised to follow the list of KCO approved courses and universities if they plan to return and work in Kuwait after they graduate.

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