Starting Student Life In The UK – 5 Tips

Starting student life in the UK can be a scary time if you have never travelled to the UK before. You’re probably feeling worried but also excited, Global Study UK are here to give you some tips.


1) Get to know people

Whether you are living in shared accommodation with other students or living by yourself, getting to know other students in similar positions will definitely make the transition a lot easier. Universities regularly hold events where students are able to meet each other and make some friends because there are a lot of students in similar situations. This is very common during the first week of university which is also known as “freshers week”.


2) Explore

You didn’t just move to the UK to study, you came for an experience so make it one! Explore as much as you can, with the amazing transport links across the UK, there are plenty of cities to explore even if you don’t study there. If you’re studying in London for example, you can take the train to the seaside and visit the amazing costal towns/cities of Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Brighton and Southampton.


3) Remember You’re Not Alone

It is more than likely that throughout your student life, you will start to feel homesick. However, one thing to consider is you are one of 270,000 international students that choose to study in the UK every year. Many students will be in the same situation and universities also provide support offering mental health facilities making your journey to adapt a lot easier.


4) Budgeting

This is a key tip and should be considered very strongly. Budgeting is important as a student because you will need to pay for rent, food, bills and will also need additional money for leisure purposes. Therefore, setting out a clear budget on a weekly/monthly basis will ensure that you don’t have any extra stress throughout your time studying.


5) Have Fun

Now don’t get us wrong, education is important and you probably worked so hard just to get to University. However, do not forget the main reason you came to the UK which is to have fun. Meet, explore and enjoy your time studying in the UK. Embrace the culture and enjoy yourself because although we want you to study at the top universities and achieve your dreams, we also want you to have fun and make incredible memories.

We hope these tips have been helpful. If you are considering studying in the UK, why not make it a reality and begin your adventure today by registering here.

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