Best universities for Computer Science Degree – Top 5 UK Universities

As technology has been incorporated more and more into businesses, the demand for employees with a computer science background are sought after. This has caused an increase of popularity in studying and gaining a computer science degree. Skills such as cyber security and full stack development are all sought after by businesses as they transition to a more digital world. Computer Science as a degree has grown in popularity and now is in the UKs top 10 popular courses for students to take. With its popularity, students will want to seek out the best place to study a computer science degree in the UK. Read on as we will outline the top 5 best  universities for computer science degree in the UK. These rankings are all based on the Guardians 2024 University League Tables which ranks universities based on several factors such as student satisfaction to the number of students in careers after 15 months of graduating.

Top 5 Best Universities For Computer Science Degree IN Uk

5- Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a prestigious university that was founded in 1907. The university name itself is highly valued by employers and is known to have produced many successful graduates. Imperial College London is the only university in the UK to specialise in specific subjects, science, engineering, medicine and business. It has ranked at the top of the UK and global universities for several years.

Imperial College London has a wide range of computer science courses to offer. There are also options to specialise in specific paths of interest such as adding artificial intelligence or software engineering into your course. Undergraduate and doctoral research courses are also available for those that want to advance their knowledge in computer science.

Its specialism into computer science and reputation with employers is the reason to why Imperial College London is fifth in the best universities for Computer Science Degree in the UK. 

A photo showing a modern building with Imperial College London on the left hand side of the building. The right side of the building mainly comprises of glass with a white metallic frame that stretches from the roof to the pillars coming from the ground.

4- University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has been consistently ranking as one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. Located in the Scottish capitals the university boasts the largest library in Scotland with 2.5 million books and is regarded highly for its quality of research. Teaching at the university has also been commended and has been globally recognised due to the universities entrepreneurial and cross-disciplinary culture. This has attracted students and teaching staff globally as shown with 20,260 out of 49,740 students being international.

The University of Edinburgh offers 10 undergraduate courses for computer science with options for students to specialise in their desired computer science-based modules. The university also provides postgraduate and doctoral research degrees are also available for computer science courses.

With the variety of the computer science courses and the high-quality teaching and facilities available for students, the University of Edinburgh is deserving of being one the best universities for computer science degree in the UK coming in at fourth.


If you would like to know more about the University of Edinburgh, you can find more information by clicking on our partners page here.

University of Edinburgh

3- University of St. Andrews

Founded in 1413 the University of St Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland and is the third oldest university in the English-speaking world. Today it is known as a top university not only in the UK but known globally. The university has a diverse set of students with approximately 45% of its intake of students being from outside the UK. The teaching quality is excellent with a small group of selected teaching staff.

The University of St. Andrews offers two undergraduate courses based on computer science. For postgraduate courses the university provides eight courses that allows students further their knowledge in more in-depth subjects of computer science. Additionally research programmes for PhD, EngD and MRes are available for students that want to pursue in researching the subject.

The high level of teaching quality and with its diverse student body are some of the reasons to why the University of St Andrews is ranked third in the best universities for computer science degree in the UK.   

image showing a part of the campus at the University of St. Andrews.

2- University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is globally recognised as for its quality of education and research. Founded in 1209 the university is the third oldest university in the world that is still operating to this day. The University attracts students from around the world with around 40% of the student body being from outside of the UK. The University of Cambridge comprises of 31 colleges which students can specifically apply to their chosen college, or they can be assigned to one when applying. The University of Cambridge has a high standard of teaching which centres around smaller groups of students to teacher ratio. This allows teaching staff to spend more time with each student in the group.

The University of Cambridge offers multiple courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral research. Undergraduate courses are more structured with what is taught; however, the postgraduate courses have more flexibility with students picking more specialised modules of their interest for their postgraduate courses.

The global recognition for the University of Cambridge and their academic achievements are deserved when looking at their high levels of teaching. This is why the University of Cambridge ranks second in the best universities for computer science degree in the UK.

Cambridge Education Group

1- University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is the oldest English-speaking university and is the second oldest university that continues to operate. The university has global recognition and since 2017 for eight consecutive years it has been ranked first in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. This prestigious record has drawn students from around the world to apply for this university, which is shown with around 46% of their students originating from outside the UK.

The University of Oxford has computer science courses to offer for undergraduate, Postgraduate and doctoral research students. Undergraduate courses can be joint with a master’s degree by adding and additional year to the undergraduate course.


It is understandable that the University of Oxford being the global top-ranking university for eight years consecutively is also ranked at the top for the best universities for computer science degree in the UK.

Oxford University


Those were the Top 5 best ranking universities for computer science degree. If you are interested in more information on universities check out our university and course search engine page, UK universities. If you are looking for information about student life and information on the university and surrounding locations, then check our website British Universities.


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