Exploring Vibrant Cities in the North of the UK as a Student

The UK has many amazing and vibrant cities to explore. As a student whether you are an international student or not, you have plenty of opportunities to journey across the UK. Especially as many of these cities are well connected by public transport such as trains and coaches. Though most people instantly think about London, there are many great cities filled with history and culture in the North of the UK that people should visit and experience. Whether you are looking for culture and history, or entertainment such as sports or a night out. Each city has its own attractions for you to take in. In this post we will explore the most popular cities that you should visit in the North of the UK as a student.


As one of the most popular cities in the north of England, Manchester is one of the most versatile cities in the North. The city offers its visitors plenty of experiences. Known around the world mainly for the fact that it is the city that has two of the most well-known football teams in the premier league and in the world, Manchester City and Manchester United. So, if you are interested in football then perhaps trying to get a ticket to one of their matches could be an option. If not, there are plenty of opportunities for other sports with Manchester having a great infrastructure of sports with many sports facilities open for sports.  

The city also is a place that’s filled with other experiences such as music and arts. The city has the largest population of students outside of London, which is why the city is well catered for students and has plenty of student-friendly events happening all over the city. There are places such as the Manchest Art Gallery to explore and plenty of spots for live music with popular spots such as Band on the Wall, Gorilla, Deaf Institute, and plenty more.

Manchester has plenty of great places for people that love food. It has over 650 restaurants, serving up an array of different cuisines from across the world. Whether you enjoy sitting in a cosy restaurant or enjoy walking around trying different street food vendors there is a place for you to choose!

If you are looking to treat yourself, Manchester is a great place for shopping. It has the largest inner-city shopping centre in the UK, the Arndale. Which has over 200 shops it has plenty to offer. Additionally, approximately thirty minutes from the city centre is the Trafford Centre. A shopping centre which is best known for having plenty of paintings, statues, and murals across the shopping centre. There are also two Selfridges in Manchester. One in the city Exchange Square and in the Trafford shopping centre. Manchester is not short on shopping centres, and it also has plenty of small independent shops spread throughout the city.

Manchester is a popular destination to for students to experience a city in the north of the UK. There is a myriad of experiences to explore. Whether you are interested in the arts, food, or shopping there are plenty of options for you to choose and tailor your visit around.

Newcastle Upon Tyne:

Newcastle upon Tyne is another very popular student city in the North of the YJ, with around 45,000 students in the city studying at one of the two universities that call Newcastle its home. Those being Newcastle University and Northumbria University. The city has plenty to offer in a small space compared to other cities.

Newcastle Upon Tyne has plenty of public transportation links making it easy to travel to and from. It has links to the closest beaches and to major cities such as London, Edinburgh, and Leeds. The city also has an international airport that is linked to over 80 destinations.

Newcastle upon Tyne is renowned by students for its night life. With plenty of great bars, pubs, and clubs there are a myriad of options to choose from. One point of interest is the Quayside, which is an area by the waterfront with a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and shops to explore.

The city also has several great cultural experiences such as the seeing a show at the Newcastle Theatre Royal which hosts plenty of shows within its historic theatre. Also, on a lovely day you can take a stroll around the Dene in Jesmond which is a beautiful park with gardens, a river, and a waterfall. If that isn’t as appealing and you are a sports fan, perhaps trying to catch a football game at St.James’ Park, the home stadium of Newcastle United Football Club.

With many attractions be it for a night out or a cultural experience, Newcastle upon Tyne is a fantastic city to explore and its why it is one of the best cities for students to visit in the North of the UK.


Liverpool is a world-renowned city that is rich with musical history. It is the 6th most visited city in the country and is famous for attractions such as the architecture, the Beatles Museum, Aintree racecourse and Mathew Street to name a few of the many popular attractions that draw visitors to the city. The city has around 70,000 students split between three universities.

The city of Liverpool is known for having a very lively nightlife with a multitude of bars, clubs, and restaurants to suit all people and preferences. Areas such as concert square are filled with student friendly bars. If you are looking for live music nights, then Mathew Street is the place to go.

Within Liverpool there are plenty of museums, art galleries and other interesting places to visit. Many can be found in the Cultural Quarter and Albert Dock. If you don’t want to spend too much on attractions, then head over to the Cultural Quarter. There are often free exhibits and other free attractions that can be a great option for those on a budget.

Liverpool has great options for shopping with two large shopping centres, Liverpool ONE and St John’s. There are also plenty of independent shops, boutiques, vintage shops throughout Liverpool such as along Bold Street. A great thing about shopping in Liverpool is that many shops offer student discounts, so keep an eye out for some great deals.

University of Liverpool

If you love sports then look no further, Liverpool is home to two famous football clubs, Liverpool, and Everton Football Clubs. Both have a strong rivalry and are only separated by Stanley Park. Getting a ticket to a football match can be a great way to experience the passion the locals have towards the game and their team.

With its beautiful architecture and wide variety of attractions, Liverpool is a fantastic city to explore and discover. It is no wonder that the city is one of the most visited cities in the UK and as a student it is a great city to visit in the north of the UK.


The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a beautiful city rich with history and culture. With around 55,000 students and one of the top universities in the world it is no wonder that the city is the 3rd most popular destination in the UK for international student to study at. The city is known for its amazing architecture, its winding streets, and the old cobblestone streets of the old town. Although the city quite small compared to others such as Glasgow, it is filled with a plethora of activities all over the city.

The City of Edinburgh is a great place to visit numerous historic sites. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has plenty of history and culture. From its medieval streets to its Georgian and Victorian architecture it is a great place to get lost in the historic atmosphere. The focal point in the city is Edinburgh Castle sitting on an extinct volcano and is a prominent part of the city’s skyline. Along with the castle there are other amazing historic sites to visit such as, St Giles Cathedral and the National Monument of Scotland.

Besides the historic buildings, Edinburgh houses many museums and some of the most important art galleries in Scotland. Such as the Scottish National Gallery for international and Scottish art. For contemporary art there is the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Whilst for amazing portraits pieces there is the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  All these galleries are amazing options for students that enjoy the arts to visit.

The city of Edinburgh hosts some amazing city-wide events annually. One of those is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which is a city-wide event hosting renowned and breaking acts from local and international talents. The Fringe Festival lasts for 25 days and is the events are dotted all over the city which makes it a perfect time to visit the city! Be sure to check out the line up and purchase your tickets as soon as possible as it is a highly sought after event which attracts people from all over the world.

Edinburgh is packed with many options for nights out. There is plenty of activities to keep you busy all night long. With plenty of traditional pubs, bars, and clubs there is no shortage of options. There are other options such as comedy clubs, live music venues and more to choose from. The city is also filled with amazing restaurants from chain restaurants, causal dining to fine dining. Whether you are looking to try traditional Scottish food like Haggis or want other cuisines, Edinburgh is a melting pot of different cuisines and there is plenty to choose from.

With such a rich history the city of Edinburgh is an amazing place to visit if you are looking for culture and arts. This is why Edinburgh is a choice for students to visit and explore in the North of the UK.


The cities mentioned above are all fantastic cities for students to visit in the north of the UK. They are just a few of the many other great cities in the north to visit such as, Sheffield, York, Glasgow and many more destinations. Each one has plenty to offer in terms of activities. The cities mentioned above are all great options for students to start exploring the UK.

If you are interested in studying in the UK and are from the MENA region then we can help you. Contact Us for more information on how we can help you. If you enjoyed finding out about cities in the north of the UK, then check out another post such as Student Activities in London. Great places to explore and enjoy!

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