Student Activities in London. Great places to explore and enjoy!

London can seem to be a daunting city to study in. With so much happening and the hustle and bustle of the city, students new to the city may feel overwhelmed and may not know what they can do and where to go in London. There are plenty of student activities in London for you to enjoy. Whether you are already from London or an international student that will be living in London for the duration of their university course there are a plethora of activities which you may not where to begin to look. So here are 5 great student-friendly activities to consider.

1. Guided Tours

One great way to see the city and get your bearings when you first arrive in London is to go on guided tours. Guided tours will take you around famous landmarks and give you some information about the area. This is a great way to learn and familiarise yourself with areas of London. There are plenty of different guided tours that you can choose from. You can take walking tours, bus tours or even by river boat. Here are some of the most popular tours that you can take:

  • London in a Day Walking Tour with Westminster Abbey and Tower of London
  • London Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus tours
  • London by Night Bus Tour
  • River boat tours
  • London ghost tours (bus or walking tour)
Student Activities to do in London - bus tours

2. Tourist sites

London is a city filled with famous landmarks and points of interest. Similar to the guided tours, going to visit the tourist sites in London can be a good way to learn about the city that you will call home for student life. It is a great way to enjoy the city with friends and family. There are countless popular attractions to list them all but here are some of the most popular tourist sites that you should visit:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tower of London
  • Big Ben
  • The London Eye
  • Tower Bridge

3. Parks and gardens

On those rare occasions when the sun is shining over London, the perfect place to enjoy the sun is in a park. London has around 3,000 parks spread across the city. Out of those 3,000 parks, 8 of the largest parks are known as royal parks which are all maintained by the Royal Parks charity. These royal parks are all stunning places to visit and are very popular places to be in the spring and summer, especially when the sun is out. Beside the royal parks there are great outdoor places to visit such as Kew Gardens, which houses over 50,000 living plants. Here are a few of the best parks and gardens to visit:

  • Hyde Park
  • Regent’s Park
  • Richmond Park
  • Kew Gardens
  • Kyoto Garden (Holland Park)

4. Student Clubs and Societies

For those students that are more active, a great choice can be to join a student club or society. Many universities will have clubs and societies that welcome people to join. It is a great way to make friends with similar hobbies and a great budget friendly way to enjoy yourself, whether it is a sport such as football or another society like a music society. If your university does not have a club or society established for what you like, you could always start one or join an external club. There are many student-friendly clubs and societies set up outside of universities, especially for sports. Here are some of the more popular clubs and societies to join:

  • Sports (Football, Tennis, Basketball, etc)
  • Music Societies
  • Snowsports
  • Dance Societies
  • Theatre & Acting societies

5. Museums and Galleries

London is packed with history and a diverse culture. The museums and art galleries in London are world renowned and the great thing is most of them have free entry. It is a budget friendly student activity that allows students to engulf themselves in history and culture. Central London has many large museums and art galleries. Some of the museums and art galleries that are highly recommended are:

  • The Natural History Museum (Free entry)
  • The National Gallery (Free entry)
  • Tate Modern (Free entry)
  • The Science Museum (Free entry)
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum (Free entry)


London is a city that has a multitude of student activities to offer. Whether you are looking to explore the city or join a sports team there are plenty of activities that are student friendly. The ones that were stated in the blog are merely a sample of some of the student activities that is offered in London. Other activities such as nights out, eating out, shopping to name a few.

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