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BPP University

The university is a UK degree-awarding body with four schools: School of Business and Technology, School of Law, School of Health and School of Nursing. Because the university only specialises in very specific areas of study, it is highly regarded for it’s quality teaching and links to industry.

university courses offered

BPP University specialise in a range of different areas providing students with a great education before they begin their career. These include Business, Law, Health and Nursing. The specialist subjects therefore allow students to receive quality teaching.


The university is located in the centre of London and is within walking distance to the city’s major cultural, historic and leisure sites. London also offers excellent transport links to all major UK cities,
and air links to over 250 destinations internationally.

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Students should expect to have a grade equivalent to 26+ in International Baccalaureate.

English Language

Students require an IELTS score of 6.0 overall.

Tuition fees

Students must be able to pay tuition fees ranging from 10,000-11,000 GBP.
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