Cambridge Education Group

Cambridge Education Group is a foundation provider which was originated in 1952, offering thousands of international students a wide range of courses across the UK.


Campuses in the United Kingdom include Sunderland, Central Lancashire, Aston, Hull, Coventry, Reading, London South Bank and ONCAMPUS London. CEG also offers non-UK options in the Netherlands, Sweden and the USA.

Academic Strengths

Each partner university offers a variety of programmes. Some particularly well-ranked options include the University of Central Lancashire for medicine, Coventry University for economics and the University of Sunderland for pharmacy.


Each university offers an extensive library and state-of-the-art facilities. These include a new sports centre at the University of Central Lancashire, a £55m engineering building at Coventry University and an award-winning enterprise hub at London South Bank.

International Student Support

Cambridge Education Group has helped over 4,000 international students progress on to their degrees in the last decade. They support students by offering small class sizes and organising enough extracurricular activities to ensure students make the most of their time.

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