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The University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham are an independent and not-for-profit institution focusing on two year honour degrees. Furthermore, the university focuses on student satisfaction by offering smaller classrooms and each student being dedicated their own personal tutor to support them through their work.

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The University of Buckingham are ranked 123rd in the University League Tables UK and are known for their student satisfaction. The University offers a lower amount of courses compared to other Universities. offering 59 undergraduate courses. However, the personalised experience provides a unique journey for students.


The University campus is well known for being one of the most attractive locations in the region. The Great Ouse river, home to much wildlife, winds through the heart of our campus. Much of our teaching takes place in our restored buildings such as the Franciscan Building, formerly a friary, and, Chandos Road Building, a converted turn-of-the-century milk factory, while students can also enjoy the Hunter Street Library, once military barracks.

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Students should expect to have a grade equivalent to 30+ in International Baccalaureate.

English Language

Students require an IELTS score of 6.5 for Undergraduate and 6.5 for Postgraduate.

Tuition fees

Students must be able to pay tuition fees ranging from 16,980-17,220 GBP.
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